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3 01 2012


What is in it for you?

29 08 2010

Like a fitness regime, it takes time to see the fruits of your labour. However, if you stick to your plan, a qualified financial planner will achieve more for you than any other professional could, and the value of their work will span generations.

By working with your financial planner, you can:

  • take control over the financial planning process and associated outcomes, using the tools and coaching provided by Fresh
  • enjoy a personalised service focusing on your needs, rather than generalised solutions
  • gain access to highly qualified financial planners who ‘advise’ rather than ‘sell’
  • achieve a clearer, more realistic picture of your current financial position and desired future
  • work with a flexible plan that allows you to modify your strategy through regular reviews
  • benefit from a rewarding environment that prompts you to regularly consider your financial options
  • reach peace of mind knowing that your finances are in order and your long-term lifestyle goals will be met.

You will feel empowered as you will be in the driver’s seat to control your finances and reach your lifestyle goals!

Money spent today cannot be invested to achieve tomorrow’s goals. Sacrificing instant wants to achieve future needs is a tough task when done without guidance.

Generally, an individual avoids doing structured planning due to the following reasons:

The tendency to procrastinate. Some of the most common excuses are-

“I don’t have time.”

“It’s too hard.”

“I’ll worry about it tomorrow.”

“I have other things to do.”

Saving money requires discipline, planning and good investment options. Invest on your own or allow one of our professionals to offer you guidance. Either way we’re here to help.


29 08 2010

Just like how a house needs a strong foundation to withstand the elements, you need to have a solid financial foundation. Creating your financial foundation requires that you have the basics covered

Financial Planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances. It involves the process of assessing your financial situation, determining your objectives and formulating a plan to achieve them. Financial Planning helps in taking control of your finances it assists you in curbing sort-term temptations in favor of more important long-term goal. Financial planning provides the following benefits:

-Helps determine your financial goals

-Projects the future value of your current goals

-Helps Budget your expenses and build cash flows

-Projects the savings required to build a corpus to realise your goals

-Recommends financial products as per appropriate asset allocation

-Seeing the future with a clear vision
-Ensuring discipline
-Giving you a direction
-Improving your financial decision making
-Assessing your risk tolerance develop an asset allocation strategy
-Helping you reduce taxes
-Safeguarding you and your family against financial crisis in the event of death or disability
-Planning for retirement or children’s education and marriage expenses
-Tracking investment performance with respect to set goals.
-Providing peace of mind


  • From budgeting household expenses to creating a savings account for retirement funds, a strategic financial plan can make it easier for individuals or companies to maximize their cash flow and make solid investment decisions. Allocating and managing money effectively often requires the assistance of a trustworthy financial planner; financial planning services help people gain an accurate assessment and understanding of their financial standing so they can make the best decisions when allocating their financial assets.


  • Some banks and financial institutions offer financial planning services at no cost to customers or members; this can be a valuable option for anyone interested in managing their money and assets more effectively, creating a stock portfolio or those interested in investing in money market funds. Financial planning consultations are typically free of charge, and private firms may charge a fee for ongoing services

Financial Planning

29 08 2010

Many people think that financial planning is a once-and-done event that starts with the numbers and ends with investments and pie charts. But that’s not what true financial planning is about.

Financial planning is a comprehensive, ongoing approach that starts with helping you define your dreams, developing a plan to help you get there, then tracking your progress along the way, recommending changes where needed. It is a systematic approach whereby the financial planner helps the customer to maximize his existing financial resources by utilizing financial tools to achieve his financial goals

Financial planning is a multi-step process that provides you with two important things: An in-depth review of your current financial situation, and

A blueprint that shows you how to achieve your goals and future objectives.

While one cannot predict the future, one can certainly be better prepared for it. All of us have something to plan for. In fact, our financial situation influences almost every aspect of our lives….

Financial Planning is becoming increasingly popular in developed countries all over the world. Now, with a little help from us, you too can give yourself the Financial Planning edge! Get your Financial Plan prepared now

Don’t just dream… Plan!

‘Let us help you plan for the years ahead.’